BelRAI is the Belgian implementation of the interRAI assessment tools. RAI stands for resident assessment instruments; these are scientifically validated instruments enabling an assessment of the degree of dependency and the care needs of individuals.

BelRAI uses the interRAI tools and acknowledges the copyright, intellectual property, and scientific validation work of interRAI.

BelRAI is a cooperative project between the different communities, regional, and federal governments of Belgium.

The BelRAI system in Belgium is available to all healthcare professionals and healthcare providing organisations for assessing the care needs of their patients. The system applies to all persons receiving healthcare in Belgium.

The purpose of the system is to have a unified and standardised assessment tool to evaluate the care needs of persons as well as their degree of dependency.

The system we offer is restricted to usage by healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, but allows the exchange of the assessments between the different providers who have the right to see information about a given patient or client. If you upload a BelRAI assessment as an authorized user you will also be able to read existing assessments made by other healthcare providers.

The licensing agreement with interRAI covers the use of interRAI concepts within the scope of BelRAI in the territory of Belgium.

If you are a resident of Belgium and would like to have a BelRAI assessment taken, you should refer to your physician, nurse or health care provider and ask them to perform a BelRAI assessment.

If you are a registered healthcare professional, you can access the BelRAI system through the BelRAI website. You will need to use your electronic ID card to register and open a BelRAI application session. You will only be able to read or write about patients with whom you have a therapeutic relationship.

If you are an IT professional interested in incorporating BelRAI workflow and processes in your electronic healthcare records, you are free to do that by downloading these concepts from our content management system. You will have to go through a registration and terms of use acceptance process, after which you will receive the forms with the questions and answers. We request that questions and answers from the questionnaires be used as translated and provided by us in Dutch, French, or German, and under no circumstances should the wordings of questions and answers be modified.

There are more than 125 algorithms calculating nursing scales, outcomes and clinical assessments. These are calculated in the BelRAI system and added to the assessment.